Cisco: How to Zone with PWWN method


This article will discuss the following zoning scenarios: PWWN (Port World Wide Name) zoning with SAN (Storage Area Networking).


Before you add a new zone you need to determine the following information:

  • What devices will you be zoning together?
  • What VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network) will the new zone will belong to?
  • Is there an active zoneset? If so, what is the name of the zoneset?

Once the VSAN number has been established, you can check for an active zoneset with the following command:

Where X is the vsan number provided.


Adding zones for Host_A to talk to Target_1 and Target_2 to the active zoneset Zoneset_10 in vsan 10.

End Device PWWN
Host_A 21:01:00:e0:8b:39:a9:07
Target_1 21:00:00:20:37:af:a5:93
Target_2 21:00:00:20:37:af:a5:3d

Adding Zones

Below are the commands for PWWN Zoning.

Command explanation:

Command Explanation
switch#conf t Enters configuration terminal
switch(config)# zoneset name Zoneset_10 vsan 10 Enters Zoneset configuration mode. Creates Zoneset_10 for vsan 10 if it does not exist
switch(config-zoneset)# zone name Host_A-Target_1 Enters in-line Zone configuration mode. Creates zone Host_A-Target_1 in vsan 10 and as a member to Zoneset_10 if it does not exist
switch(config-zoneset-zone)# member pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:39:a9:07 Add pwwn as a member of zone Host_A-Target_1
switch(config-zoneset-zone)# member pwwn 21:00:00:20:37:af:a5:93 Add pwwn as a member of zone Host_A-Target_1
switch(config-zoneset-zone)# zone commit vsan 10 Commits the changes made to the zones and zoneset in vsan 10. Used only if enhanced zoning is enabled
switch(config)# zoneset activate name Zoneset_10 vsan 10 Sets the active zoneset as the currently configured Zoneset_10 in vsan 10. Note that only 1 zoneset can be active in a vsan at a time
switch(config)# zone commit vsan 10 Commits the change made to the zoneset in vsan 10. This step is required in enhanced zoning mode after an activation in order for the new activation to occur

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