How to query and remove esxi host patches via CLI Command

How to Query and Remove ESXi Host Patches via CLI Command

VMware vSphere CLI

The following commands are used to query installed packages and remove ESXi Host installed packages. Use the vSphere CLI to query the target host for installed bundles.

Command for querying installed Patches on ESXi Host. --server vmwesx01 --username root --query

Command Syntax (-q can be used instead of query) --server (ServerName) --username (UserName) --query

Command for Removing installed Patch from ESXi Host. --server vmwesx01 --username root -bulletin VEM400-200906002-BG --remove

Command Syntax (-r and -b can be used instead of remove and bulletin) can be found here) --server (ServerName) --username (UserName) -b (BundleName) --r --server vmwesx01 -s -b -B ESXi400-201111202-UG --server vmwesx01 -s -bundle --username root --password XXXXX --server vmwesx01 -i -bundle --username root --password XXXXX --server vmwesx01 -i -b -B ESXi400-201111201-UG --username root --password XXXXX

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